Divvy Up - Split Expenses With Friends

@j_vanrav|Wed Apr 17 2024

December 2023 I travelled to Europe for a holiday with my girlfriend. She recommended Splitwise for the trip expenses. Unfortunately they had just limited transactions to 4 per day and added 10-second wait timers for expenses.

Splitwise is 13 years old and bloated. Every non-basic feature was paywalled and we were amalgamating expenses into one as a workaround. I wanted it streamlined. So, I removed the paywalls and implemented only the features I wanted, for free:


  • Expenses & debt simplification
  • Friends
  • Groups

Paid Splitwise features:

  • Currency conversion
  • Defualt currencies
  • Graphs for group balances

Removed paywalls:

  • Expense wait timers
  • Daily expense limits

I've been using Divvy Up for a few months, and I'm happy with it for now.

If it sounds useful to you, please try it for your next holiday!

Future considerations

  • Native app
  • Features:
    • Default splits
    • Payee splits
    • Customise currency conversion
    • Expense searching
    • Non-group expenses
    • More graphs

Contact me: divvyup@jvr.software

last edited Wed Apr 17 2024